​10 Reasons That Makes A Mandingo Women A Best Women To Marry

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What are Mandingo Women? Mandingo women are women from special tribes. Mandingo Women are not completely perfect in marriage, but they have great characteristic and qualities over most women and every one of them have been proud of it.

Below are the top 10 Reasons that make a Mandingo Women a best Wife.

1. They are thoughtful. Mandingo women never forget anything that they hold dear to them. With a Mandingo wife, every special moment will be remembered and celebrated.

2. They are Family-Oriented. Every man would want their partner to have strong family ties. To Mandingo Women, family is always the first when it comes to anything. They  makes sure that your family will be in good hands and can be rest assured that it is receiving the best possible care it can. The caring and supportive nature of Mandingo women show strong with this trait.

​​3. They are Hard-working. Many Mandingo women are hard-working. It is a very common among Mandingo women and it is the characteristic that men admire most about them. They do well in their marital duties. They work tirelessly for the sake of her family, sometimes even after a work day, she would hurriedly come home and cook for the family.






4. They are Loyal. Nobody  wants so meone w   ho is unfaithful Loyalty    to their husbands is one trait that Mandingo women stick to even after their husbands’ death and this makes a woman the best wife in the world.


5. Mandingo women generally stay true to their traditional traitsall of which makes them for a promising bride-to-be for any men. The values that Mandingo women give to what they have learned as they grow help them become excellent wives and mothers.

6. They have Understanding. Mandingo women are very patient and respectful and submissive to their husband.  They never like being pushed into arguments and would rather avoid it at any cost. They always believe that no matter how big a problem is, it can always be solved in a peaceful manner. Mandingo women are good listeners, thus making them a very good companion in tough times.​

​​7. They have Strong Family Ties and Religious. They value their families so much that they tend to be so intact. Choosing Mandingo women can be the best choice that you will ever make in your life and it will manifest on how better your life will be after she comes in.

8. They are shy and have Self-Respect. On the side of self-respect most Mandingo women are married at virgin therefore they like their husband to be their first. Yes about 95% Gambia Mandingo women did wait for marriage before sex. For them it is very important to keep their virginity for the man they loved with all their heart, and to have sex on their wedding night for the first time is always a bonus. It is a great honor for Mandingo women to be a virgin at marriage.







9. Generosity and Helpful. We are generally a people who have the heart to smile through every possible problem and who will always find the heart & the faith that the best will happen if we do good to other people. During occasions, holidays, Mandingo women cook for the whole family and the visitors. There are lots of foods specially prepared for everyone! It maybe your friend, family, a friend of your friends or even strangers can gather and they are willing to share foods. When a neighbor is in trouble, they are always ready to help them.

10. Mandingo women are known to possess a beauty that can impress men from around the world. But that beauty does not end from the physical appearance rather it is the start of deeper and more desirable traits. It only strengthens the image that is being portrayed and seen on the outside.

​These are just some of the best characteristics that men would find on many Mandingo women. The appeal of Mandingo women is not only shown through their stunning outer beauty but, it is strongly supported and made better with these traits that you won’t find in any other women.

NOTE: Other tribes are coming soon.So please don’t judge us yet.We are not tribalist…​​


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    I really wish I can get a Gambian Lady for marriage, am from Nigeria, am humble, kind and I think a Gambian Lady will make me very proud for a wife.


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