1 ton 940 Kilograms of Drugs Set on Fire

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The Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DLEAG) on Thursday destroyed 1tonne, 940kg, 500g of drugs at its destruction site in Old Cape Town Road reported the point gm

Abdoulie Gassama, director general of DLEAG, said the drug destruction is a key calendar event of the DLEAG and it is meant to publicly destroy seized drugs following successful prosecution in the narcotic courts. He affirmed that drug seized are not recycled in the market but destroyed. 

“For The Gambia to be safe from drug, there should be combined efforts of all law enforcement agencies, government, institutions, civil society, media, and the general public to report drug dealers, as harmful use of illicit drugs exposes non-users to injury and death.”

Mai Fatty, minister of the interior, said the number of youth indulging in drug abuse is on the increase and as a result, the youth are increasing becoming vulnerable to health problem, crime and other forms of violent behaviour.

He said it is evident that drugs have negative impacts on the lives of youth, so it is important that civil society organisations embark on mass sensitisation activities to challenge youth to take them out of drugs.

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