19,333 People Currently Living with HIV/AIDS in Gambia

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The deputy Managing Director of National AIDS Secretariats Alpha Khan has informed the National Assembly select committee on Health, Women, Children, Disaster, Humanitarians and Refugees that 19, 333 Adults aged 15 and over are living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in The Gambia 2017 alone.

Khan further told the committee that 11,403 Women aged 15 and over, Men 1931 aged 15 and over and 1,666 children aged 0-14 are living with the virus respectively.

He added that 1,160 Men and 635 Women aged 15 and over are newly infected with the Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) as of 2017 in The Gambia.

Khan told the committee that the National AIDS Secretariats is faced with numerous challenges ranging from sustainable financing for Tuberculosis and HIV and AIDS services, reducing stigma and discrimination and denial and operational and integration of TB and HIV services respectively.

In 2017 West Coast Region AIDS committee’s fourth and final quarterly meeting has revealed that 21, 000 people were living with HIV and AIDS in the country of which 7,000 on treatment, leaving a good number of people living with the global health threatening infection without treatment.


By Kaddy Jawo

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