2 German Tourists Escaped Death at Kasumai Beach

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Two German tourists who are currently in the country on vacation and one Gambian escaped potential death at the Kasumai Beach, in Senegambia after they nearly drowned reported daily observer gm

The incident, according to eyewitnesses, occurred between the hours of 4 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon as Mrs. Elena Gharbi and his 10-year-old boy and Ousman were swimming in the sea. The swimming eventually became a nightmarish incident for the swimmers when they realized that they were nearly drowned.
Narrating how the incident occurred, Mrs. Gharbi said it started at a time when they were swimming and jumping in the waves; diving underneath and running away from them. She said that the excited children were also laughing and enjoying the swimming in the ocean, suddenly; the waves knocked them down and pushed them to the shore. “The other waves pulled us into the ocean so strongly that we could not resist.”
Mrs. Gharbi, however, acknowledged that there were many eyewitnesses, but none came to her rescue until she thought that she was going to die. According to her, the incident made her believe that many Gambians are not interested in swimming activities.
He further stated that, in Germany, children are taught how to swim, saying that is the responsibility of the government. She, therefore, urged the Gambia government to establish swimming schools and train youths how to swim to reduce risk of people drowning.
Mr. Hatib Manneh, a lifeguard at Red Dolphin Life Guard Association, who saved Mrs. Gharbi’s life, told the Daily Observer how the incident happened.
According to him, he heard people shouting at the beach that someone was drowning at Kasumai Beach and knowing that someone’s life was at risk, he ran all the way from Coco Ocean to rescue Mrs. Gharbi and one Ousman.
Manneh also acknowledged that greater number of Gambians cannot swim. He also encouraged the government to create a platform for swimmers in the country so that they could have more lifeguards at the swimming zones.

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