21-year-old Man Incriminated for Homicide

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One Ebrima Gagigo, a 21-year-old driver and a native of Jareng village in the Central River Region was accused of unlawfully caused the death of one Alagie Cham. He has been  recently arraigned before Basse High Court on a single count of manslaughter revealed the Point Newspaper.

At the opening of the prosecution led by State Counsel L.Jarju, three witnesses were called: The first witness, Mariatou Bass, testified that she was laundering at home, when Alagie and Ebrima quarreled and subsequently had a fight. The accused knocked Alagie Cham and he subsequently fell to the ground. The witness revealed that some moments later, Alagie started complaining of chest and ribs pain.

The second witness, Ebrima Bass, also testified that he became aware of the squabble between the deceased and the accused whilst sitting under a mango tree. The witness further testified that he left them under the mango tree and he was later called by Mariatou Bass to come and see the condition of the deceased. The witness said he asked Alagie Cham what went wrong and he told him that he was lifted up and knocked to the accused. Ebrima informed the court that he later reported the matter to the police.

The third witness, Abdoulie Boye, a police CID said he recorded the cautionary and voluntary statements of the accused.

The accused pleaded not guilty. Meanwhile hearing continues during the October sitting.

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