24-year-old Gambian Migrant Stabbed with Broken Bottle in Italy

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An unamed 24-year-old Gambian was attacked and injured with broken bottle in the city of Porta Capuana  in Italy last wednesday Ilmatino newspaper reported.

The victim, rescued by ambulance, had his forearm and left arm torn upon their arrival a few steps from Porta Capuana, where the immigrant said he suffered a robbery. The incident occurred at around 5 a.m. when the 24-year-old said was being hunted down by a bunch of Neapolitans who have succeded to steal his phone and his wallet, threatening him with the broken bottle up to hit him repeatedly and forcefully. The man was rescued while his arm was bleeding. 

The matter is being examined by law enforcement and the man is currently hospitalized in the Department of Loreto Mare Hospital where emergency surgery  has been performed on him to suture the severe injuries he was victim of. Police are investigating the incident and hoping to arrest the suspects.

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