250 Jammeh’s Soldiers Want to “Destabilise” the Country

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The ousted dictator Yahya Jammeh does not seem to let down his guard. He aspires, according to a Gambian official quoted by Senegalese daily, Enquête, to”destabilise” the country.

According to this diplomat, 250 former members of the Forces of defence and security deserters are present in Mauritania. These soldiers would be in contact with the former president Jammeh and his relatives, refugees with him in Equatorial Guinea. Their project: “destabilize the Gambia.”

According to the same sources, missions are carried out by generals Suleyman Badgie and Ansumana Tamba in Guinea and Guinea-Bissau where are other supporters of Jammeh. Former “jungulers” are also present in these countries. The threat is not limited to the Gambia. Because given the possibility of joining with the supporters of the former President remained in the army and administration and proven links with the faction of the Mfdc of Salif Sadio, there is cause for concern.

It should be recalled that this information from a Gambian official confirms the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Senegal. “The Gambia faces a real risk of destabilisation,” argued Mankeur Ndiaye, June 15 last month in Dakar, during the visit of his french counterpart, Jean Yves Le Drian.

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