7 Farato/Bafuloto Youths Arrested and Charged with Willful Damage of Properties and…

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The police have arrested seven youths in Farato and took them to Brikama Magistrates’ Court where they were charged with willful damage of properties, assaulting police officers while on lawful duties, incitement of violence, and riotously destroying machinery reported Point Gm.

Police spokesman, Inspector Foday Conta, said the seven were taken to the court on Wednesday at 4:15 pm but the matter could not proceed for it was already closing time.  The case was adjourned to Monday, 29 May.

Meanwhile, the seven youths are currently on remand. The youths were among many that took to the streets of Faroto on Tuesday afternoon.

The office of the IGP, through the police spokesman, urged the general public to be law abiding and always refer to the due process of the law instead of taking matters into their own hands.

read more about the Farato riots here: Several Injured in ′Bloody Riot′ at Farato Village

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