7 Months Pregnant Mariam Bojang Found Dead in her Room in Fajikunda

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One Mariam Bojang, also known as Jankey, a resident of Fajikunda Kunda, was yesterday found dead in her room by relatives according to the report published in the Daily Observer.

From the investigation, an anonymous source disclosed that Jankey was found dead in her room at the early hours of Tuesday morning.
According to another source, they met her door opened and called her but she didn’t answer. When they entered into her room, they realized that she was dead. “The woman was about 7 months pregnant. She was found dead in the absence of her husband. It was only like one and a half-year-old child who was with her in the room at the time of her death”, a source said.
After contacting the police PRO, he explained that her body was escorted by the police to Fajikunda Station and later referred to Edward Francis Smalls Teaching Hospital, where a post-mortem was conducted with medical reports establishing that the cause of her death was natural.

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