Abduction Of Two Gambian Americans, the witness explains

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Two West African women, one Gambian national, and the other a Senegalese, have said that they witnessed the arrest of the two missing Gambian Americans Alhagie Mamut Ceesay, and Ebou Jobe, the Freedom Newspaper revealed. The incident happened on June 22nd 2013, just outside the outskirt of the luxurious Coconut hotel, after the duo had given a ride to the two ladies, following a dinner at the “Terroubi Bar and Restaurant.” Mr. Ceesay, a resident of Austin Texas, and Jobe, a New Yorker Gambian resident, were forcefully taken into custody by guards led by one Michael Correa.

Fatou Sarr is a Gambian. She now lives in Finland. She is married to a Finish national. She tells Freedom Radio Gambia, in an exclusive interview that she met Alhagie Mamut Ceesay, and Ebou Jobe at the “Terroubi Bar and Restaurant”, on the night of their abduction by the Gambian security agents. She was in the company of her Senegalese friend and visitor Jiela Nying. Ms. Nying was six months pregnant at the time.

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