Adama Barrow’s State visit in Dakar: Defense agreements, the focus point

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President Barrow’s state visit in Dakar will be a new starting point for relationships between both countries “following the change in the Gambia”. An announcement confirmed by the Gambian President, who said two weeks ago, that his stay in Senegal will be the opportunity to find  solutions to the issues blocked by his predecessor Yahya Jammeh, revealed according to Macky Sall’s communication services

Under the era of the former president, the bilateral relations between Dakar and Banjul were no more good. Starting this Thursday, Adama Barrow and Macky Sall will decide on a bilateral model of cooperation and collaboration in road traffic on the Transgambienne, including the building of the new bridge with in prospect the revitalization of the Organization of the value of the river The Gambia (OMVG).

The circulation and stays of nationals in the two countries, but also and above all the establishment of a Permanent Commission between the two countries to go beyond the ineffective Permanent Secretariat, are also subjects on the agenda prove that Macky Sall and Adama Barrow want to go further in their new scheme of cooperation, it is blown that the new Permanent Commission between Senegal and the Gambia will be alternately presided over by one of the two heads of State.

Moreover, the two Governments will be holding a yearly meeting of Ministers.  EnQuête also learned that the agreements on defense and military cooperation between the two countries, which have been dropped under Yahya Jammeh, will be revisited in order to make them practical, in their common interest. It is a secret to keep in mind that Gambia, due to its geography and the role played by Yahya Jammeh in the crisis in Casamance, has become a major factor of instability for Senegal and the subregion.

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