Agric Minister Wants Gambia to be Livestock Exporting Country

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The Minister of Agriculture has called on his staff of The Gambia Livestock Marketing Agency (GLMA) to redouble their efforts in promoting livestock production to satisfy local demand and enable the country export livestock products.

Omar Jallow alias O.J. was speaking recently at his meeting with GLMA staff at their office in Abuko, as part of his familiarization tour of institutions under his purview.

“GLMA can be a springboard to help The Gambia export livestock products,” he said. Minister Jallow spoke of the need to promote livestock production in the country, as an alternative source of socio-economic development of the country.
He emphasized that Gambians have been forcing themselves into crop production, not knowing that livestock could be as important as crops, and could make people reach, just like those in other important income generating activities.
He assured of his Ministry’s support in improving livestock production in the country. This, he added, would also help in addressing the morbidity challenges confronting GLMA, with a view to enabling them to become more effective in further promoting livestock production activities.
Commenting on the need for GLMA to strengthen its resource mobilization activities, the Agric Minister maintained that collecting of Livestock Tax should be taken up with the Finance Ministry so that they could be able to run their activities.
He also said that the Abattoir in Abuko should be handed over to the Livestock Dealers Association to manage to ensure a sense of ownership.

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