Alagie S Darboe: Change of Gov’t Incomplete Without Effective NAMs

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The aspiring candidate for the United Democratic Party (UDP) in Brikama North Constituency has told electorate in his constituency that change of government is incomplete without effective National Assembly Members.

Alagie S Darboe was addressing his supporters recently at mass political rally held at Brikama Nyambai. “The game is over as people of Brikama North have decided. It is a mission accomplished. During last presidential polls, Gambians yearned for a change of government, however, the change of government has lapses if we don’t have a proper National Assembly that is not a rubberstamp National Assembly,” he added
He expressed optimism that he will score a landslide victory come April 6th National Assembly Elections. According to him, this is the moment that the people of his constituency have long been waiting for. “This is the moment Gambians have been waiting for; when we shall have vibrant National Assembly members to take up the affairs at the parliament. I want to assure all, especially the people of my constituency that, if you give me your vote, I will always stand for you and speak on issues that concerns you. You cannot leave in abject poverty and die in abject poverty.

The national resources should be equally distributed and each and everyone should have access to it”.

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