“Alieu Khan is a Pedophile” Tha Boss Chick Reacts to What’s on Gambia Hoax

Whats-on Gambia the controversial hoax website has just wiped another setback.

Indeed the sensational website is just getting into new troubles as a result of their “information” released today talking about Jatou Mbowe aka Tha Boss Chick placed in police custody after “a woman complained that she sat on her husband’s lap without her permission”.

A false information which will be quickly debunked by the concerned. Tha Boss Chick made a Live Video on facebook to contradict and attack the site in question: “I’m sick and Tired of you, Domi Jamur la” Jatou shouted desperatly.
She also attacked Alieu Khan, the presumed owner of the site recalling his affair about a 8 grade girl he impregnanted and calling him a “pedophile”.

what’s the news outlet if you don’t broadcast real news ? she asked. Tarnishing their fellows image and  Broadcasting fake news to get a couple of “like” is a very sad fate for WOG.

Edriss K :