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Audio: Gambia News With Sarjo Barrow 16/11/2017

Replay Gambia News in Mandika With Sarjo Barrow of 16/11/2017

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Internal Squabble Between Barrow and Darboe over Mai Fatty’s Replacement

There is a deadlock over the vacant portfolio of Interior Minister, as both Ousainou Darboe…

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‘Jammeh spent D302M on Travel Per-diems…’ – Adama Njie

The account officer at the Office of the President has told the Janneh Commission that…

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Woman gets Hypnotised and Robbed in Brusubi

A ‘hypnotist thief’ has been arrested by the Police after a university student claimed she…

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President Barrow meets Investors at CROSAPF Summit in Dubai

President Adama Barrow alongside the prime minister of Sao Tome and President of Mali have…

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Masireh Saho, 25, Stabs Uncle To Death

A massive manhunt is underway for one Masireh Saho, a 25-year-old man who reportedly stabbed…

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Zimbabwe: Army says it took power against “criminals”, Mugabe under house arrest

Zimbabwe's army has taken control of the state-owned radio and television and is blocking access…

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Former UK prime minister back in the Gambia for the second time in one year.

The former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, is currently on a visit in Banjul. This…

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Yaya Jammeh Reveals Release Date for New Album ‘Painful Exile’

Yahya Jammeh unveiled us details about "Painful Exile", debut album of his new career as…

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SVGA – Between Us

Svga, the international artist of Gambian origin, is making waves in the British Urban and R&B…