Armed Robbers Hit Two Villages in NBR

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The North Bank Region (NBR) of The Gambia has again been hit with robbery after armed robbers broke into shops, and made their ways out with cash in separate attacks last friday reported Daily Observer.

The incidents were reported to have happened at Suwareh Kunda and Kerr Abdul villages both in the NBR. The public relations officer (PRO) of The Gambia Police Force (GPF) Inspector Foday Conta has confirmed the development. He explained that, in Suwareh Kunda, a Fula man’s shop was attacked by the robbers and they went away with Eight Thousand Dalasi (D8, 000) same amount at Kerr Abdul village where they went away also with One Hundred and Fifty Thousand CFA (150, 000 CFA), beating the shopkeeper seriously.

The GPF spokesperson stated that, the Regional Police Command and the Guard Military Commander in the region were working in order to strengthen 24 hours patrol. In addition, he said, the police high command in Banjul had sent 8 Police Intervention Unit (PIU) personnel with arm and ammunition to reinforce the other officers in the region. “No suspect is arrested, however, according to our investigation, we realised that after the attack, the robbers ran and entered Senegal,” he stated.

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