Astonishing New Revelations at the Commission of Inquiry

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The Commission of Inquiry into the financial activities of former president Yahya Jammeh continue to make media headlines and dominate discussions in the Gambia as more revelations are being made day after day.

On account opening request from the office of Gambia’s former president, the principal banking officer of the country’s central bank this afternoon told the commission of inquiry that a total of 4, 85, 936.25 dalasi was paid into the Fish landing account.

Karamo Jawara told the commission that he could not provide the opening documents of the dalasi account number 1101004892 today but would be able to bring them on a later date if the commission request for them.

Augustus Prom, the executive director of his Augustus Prom Auditing firm, appeared before the commission of inquiry and said he was a receiver of companies like those from the office of the former president, which started in June.

Mr Prom stated that they almost completed the liquidation by an order of the court, adding that he had volume one report dated 6 August 2015. He also stated that he had a report on Carnegie inventory and it was signed, adding that they did not value the assets. The first value of the asset was D22,013,000, adding that the stockpile they found was left by Gamico.

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