BAC Fails To Ensure Brikama Car Park Cleanliness which Turns Into Dumpsite

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The Brikama’s main car park has totally been turned to a dumpsite thanks to the negligence of duty by the Brikama Area Council (BAC), as drivers and vendors who are directly affected by the menace urged the immediate cleaning of the site.

During investigations to unearth facts surrounding the entire issue, revelations were made by sources that garbage has dominated the car park for about three months without cleaning or collection of garbage as mandated of BAC.
According to a driver at the car park, BAC has failed to execute its duty to ensure the cleanliness of the area when it comes to garbage collection. “I cannot remember when last I saw them here to clean this place or collect waste. This is sabotage and I must say that it is not helping business and other services in the area. This is equally affecting our health and I challenge BAC to act for the interest of the nation. The council is expected to respect our feelings and views as taxpayers”, he said.

Another driver stated to Daily Observer reporter that the Brikama car park is the biggest garage in The Gambia and it should be maintained clean for the fact that it serves as the main transit point to various locations in the country. “The current situation of the garage is so disheartening and immediate actions should be taken by BAC to remedy the situation,” the driver stated.

Another source urged BAC to clear the place, whilst also advising people to desist from dumping at the garage. “Here is not the right place for dumping waste and people should know that. It’s the duty of BAC to clean the place but it’s also the responsibility of the public to maintain it clean. You have lot of people that sells here in the car park; food and other items are all sold here and selling in a dirty place can give reasons to your customers to stop buying from you. I hope our voices will be heard to resolve this matter as soon as possible,” he expressed.

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