Bakoteh Dumpsite can provide employment for at least 64 youth with monthly salary of D5000

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Jobs, Jobs and Jobs are the uppermost concern of the young Gambian. According to the newspaper Daily observer, the Trusted Associates Bakoteh-Manjai Group has revealed that the Bakoteh Dumpsite can provide employment for at least 64 youth with monthly salary of D5000, if the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) and The Gambia Government approve their proposed plan.

Further more sharing their plan at a gratitude ceremony held at the dumpsite on Saturday, Alieu Jallow Addo, Trusted Associates Operational Manager, said that considering the amount of waste within the Municipality, Bakoteh Manjai natives have agreed upon dividing the Bakoteh Dumpsite into two sections, which includes section A and B.

He said section-A would be banned totally from dumping and section-B, which is at the far end where the pond is, would be used by KMC to dump waste for nothing more than 6 months. According to him, this would be under the supervision of the community members to ensure all processing has been done.

Mr. Jallow disclosed that funds are there to begin with the project and payment of the 30 young people for a start.  “Special charges will also be attached to tractors, trucks and donkeys respectively to help with the funding of the project.  This project is more of giving back to the community.”

This, he said, is to give space for authorities to work on a different location suitable for dumping such as Bafuloto.  “Section-A for the meantime will be leveled to ensure we are not affected during the rainy season.”

The Operational Manager Trusted Associated opined that they are targeting 30 young people for a start adding that if things turn up positive, the targeted figure 64 would be met.

He further confirmed that a letter was already sent to the Authorities to allow the Bakoteh Manjai committee to present an interim intervention plan for the Bakoteh Dumpsite and a solid waste management in the country.  “Trusted Associates will also need the collaboration of the different Ministries and Agencies related to the subject matter.  We already have funds and technicalities allocated for this proposed project which will create more job opportunities for the young people depending on the request of the constructor,” he said.

Pa Musa Jallow, a Civic Engineer stated that the government collaborating with community members would encourage youth empowerment adding that such activities would help in engaging the youth.  “The nature of waste dumped at the site should be looked into,” he said, while noting that almost 40 percent of the waste is sand, which shouldn’t even leave the home to the site.

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