Banjul and Dakar to Strengthen Terrorism Prevention Devices

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Gambia’s Interior Minister Mai Ahmed Fatty and his Senegalese counterpart, Abdoulaye Daouda Diallo Minister of the Interior and public security called Wednesday in Dakar, to strengthen ‘without delay’ prevention devices set up in the fight against terrorism.

“the growing threat of terrorism in the sub-region with the attacks of the 13th to 14th in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and in Nigeria is an additional and compelling need to strengthen our prevention measures implemented without delay,”, argued Mr. Diallo.

Interior Minister of the Gambia, Mai Ahmed Fatty, advocated for its part of a “joint cooperation”, especially in the discussion and the exchange of information to fight terrorism.

According to him, “what happened in Ouagadougou is an indicator, we have to talk, exchange information, to enhance security between the two countries”.

Mai Fatty was speaking at a working meeting on the State of security relations between the Gambia and Senegal.

“a new page opens in the relations between the two countries”, said M.Fatty, pointing out that beyond the fight against terrorism, the Gambia and Senegal are to revitalize their cooperation in the fight against drugs “with joint patrols” between the borders.

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