Barrow 100 Days in Gambia: “I Will Not Say, We Are Slow, We Are Calculating Our Steps.”

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Adama Barrow has spent 100 days at the head of the state, a short moment to make an assess of his achievement, but different point of views have been raised.

The former businessman agrees with Gambians who are looking forward to better life conditions. ” It’s normal, but we are doing many reforms and we are setting off new policies for electricity supply. Electricity is our priority “. ” I will not say, we are slow, we are calculating our steps… I understand their expectations “, he added on BBC

Moreover, he asserts that many reforms have been done in term of civil and military’s reforms and also a partnership with many west African countries. As regarded the illegal immigration, Barrow calls young people to be patient because it’s only three months of reign.

At last, the case of Jammeh has been raised, he thinks a prosecution will happen. But he does not want to be talkative about this question, the commission of truth and reconciliation will do his job.

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