Basse: Tunkarou Gaku Sentenced to Death

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Basse High Court has on Friday 27 October 2017 sentenced Lamin Fatty alias Tunkarou Gaku to death after he was found guilty of murder contrary to the laws of The Gambia the Point reports. 

The alleged case happened on 22 July 2015 in Sutukonding Village, Wulli West, Upper River Region, the accused with malice aforethought caused the death of Alagie Morro Gakou by hitting him with a stick on his head. According to an eyewitness account : “The accused went to the back of my shop. The deceased went to search for the accused to know which road the accused took, while the deceased was searching for the accused, the accused appeared towards the deceased with a stick and hit the deceased on his head with the stick, the deceased fell down and was bleeding from the head. I shouted, people came and I ran away forgetting to close my shop.”

In front of Justice Simeon A. Abi, the accused pleaded not guilty and the prosecution in proving their case called four witnesses and tendered six exhibits, while the accused testified alone in his defence.

The trial Judge pointed out that the offence of murder being a capital offence, no nature of plea of mitigation (allocutus) would ameliorate the sentence as it was not within his powers to reduce the punishment. Accordingly, the accused person was sentenced to death in any manner approved by law. 

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  1. Isabelle Schüpbach |

    Ich würde gerne die Möglichkeit haben mit meinem geschiedenen Ehemann und der Vater meines Sohnes (12) zu sprechen.
    Mein Sohn würde sehr gerne seinen Vater nochmals treffen.
    Das ganze macht mich sehr traurig, ich kann es nicht glauben!!!


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