Bilateral Fishing Agreement Between Senegal and Gambia on Debate at National Assembly

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The current situation of the fishing agreement between the government of The Gambia and Senegal was a heated debate that dominated the National Assembly Tuesday questions and answers session to the fisheries and water resources minister of the Gambia.

Representatives in the House were determined to know from the minister of fisheries and water resources about the current agreement that allows for fishing in Gambian waters.

Earlier in March, Gambia’s Minister of Fisheries Water Resources and National Assembly Matters, James F.P. Gomez and his Senegalese counterpart, Omar Gueye signed the maritime cooperation in Banjul. At the first state visit of the Gambia New President Adama Barrow to the Republic of Senegal.

Minister Gomez told National Assembly members that the issue of the bilateral fishing corporation between Gambia and Senegal is not a new thing.

He said an agreement between the two countries was established since in the 1980s until December 2014 when it was revoked by Gambia’s former government.

Gomez went on saying that the new agreement entailed agreement for both countries to fish in each other’s waters, exchange of scientific information, coordination of research programs and responsible exploitation of fish resources.

source eye africa tv

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