Blackout Expected to Finish by End of October – NAWEC Says

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September 2017 is considered the worst ever as Gambians are suffering frequent Blackout from NAWEC, National Water and Electricity Company, Deputy MD told journalists this morning that the situation is expected to come back to normal in October.

According to NAWEC Deputy Managing Director Nani Juwara, the demand for electricity is very high and the generatos cannot supply all; currently 4 main generators are undergoing maintenanc and generator number 6 at Kotu also went down.

Nawec’s Deputy MD told journalists that most of generators are very old and the maintenance cost very high. World Bank is helping by funding the maintenance of generator number 8.

The country is in Nationwide Water and Electricity Crisis as the company is supposed to provide electricity to 2 million inhabitants with generators out of age. With a lot of patience normal electricity supply is expected to come back to normal at end of october.

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