Borgal Kills her Bestfriend because of a Man

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A young gambian woman Kombeh Manka familiar figure of the Senegambia area has been stabbed to death by her best friend nicknamed Borgal after the latter suspected her of flirting with her boyfriend.

According to GTP who quoted an anonymous source, Borgal accused Kombeh of having an affair with her boyfriend Gibou George better known as Gee, a very popular “bomsa” around the Senegambia area. Kombeh and Borgal had their issue for a minute and got into a fight during which Borgal stabbed her with a knife on Friday August 18th 2017.

Famous show promoter Jatou Mbowe who was an eye witness to the scene wrote on her facebook page ” Last Friday we watched a girl got stabbed brutally by another girl with a scissors a few steps away from the TSU check point in senegambia with loads of officers at the check point at that point in time..” She complained. 

Borgal, Kombeh Manka’s killer

More information about this affair will be coming soon!

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