Boy Djinne’s Gambian Mother-in-law Cries for Help

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Senegal elusive, Modu Faal, alias ‘Boy Djinne’s gambian mother-in-law is asking for help as her daughter was arrested and detained with the fugitive in the Senegal Guinea border, since July 2016.

The woman herself Jabou Cham, a 26 year old Gambian national  got married to Boy Djinne while the latter was in the Gambia. The couple travelled to Guinea together via Senegal, and were arrested at the border while Jabou was driving for her husband. Boy Djinne is undergoing criminal prosecution, Jabou is being detained in Camp Penal Prison in Dakar and without any charges pending on her, since 5th july, 2016.

The cry of distress, relayed by a friend on facebook who states that he went to visit her in August a and Jabou Cham confirmed that it has been a year now and not a single Gambian authority came to visit her or talked about her case, not even from The Gambian Embassy in Dakar. While some Judges and Lawyers in Dakar keep asking the mother and family for millions of CFA to help in her release, which they cannot afford and don’t even trust. Her mother is  appealing to the Gambian and Senegalese authorities to help facilitate the release of her daughter detained for over a year without any charges or granted bail. 

After having made the headlines, powered the columns in local newspapers, through several escapes and contributed to the “deterioration” of relations between Senegal and the Gambia, Baye Modou Fall, alias Boy Djinne posed the last act of his long run of 7 months. A judicial soap opera which had its epilogue to the border post of Kalifourou, a community located on the border with Guinea Conakry, where the famous fugitive had gone along with his Gambian spouse, Jabou Cham.

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