Breaking News: Bai Babu Parted ways with Joluv Arts Ent

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Bai Babu

The news has just arrived Bai Babu has just parted ways with his now ex-label Jolluv arts.

On his twitter account, we’ve just read this tweet:

And on his facebook page, the follow Press Release:

First of All, I would like to thank Allah (God) for being there for me over the past five Years. It hasn’t been an easy Road but still Santa Yallaah.

I would like to inform you that I have parted ways with Joluv Arts Entertainment. A Label I was signed to/under for the past five Years.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Saul Sowe (CEO of Joluv Arts Entertainment) for being there for me and supportive and the whole staff and Management of Joluv Arts. I wouldn’t have achieved what I have today without your support and guidance. Thank you.

I will be starting my own Label (Dama Yii Entertainment) and also sign young and upcoming Artist’s.

The reasons for this separation are not yet clarified, Sunugambia will come back with more info on this.
For Reminder, Bai Babu had signed with Jolluv arts 5 years ago and it was through this label that he quickly ascended to the Summit.

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