Business owners and police in Badibu victim of Armed robbers attack

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At least one police officer is injured after armed robbers attacked a police post and held two businessmen hostage before making away with at least D523,000 ($13,075) in Kerr Gumalo, Central Badibou.

Seedy Muhammed Salleh and Muhammed Lamin Hydara, Mauritanian nationals sustained injuries and are receiving treatment at the Farafenni hospital in northwest Gambia.

The police did not release the name of the injured officer but said D342,000 and D181,000 were taken from both shops.

Police are investigating and urging the public to come forward with any information they may have.

In April last year, a gang of armed robbers attacked and seriously hurt a Mauritanian business owner, Mr. Muhammed Muctarr in the border city of Jimala Kerr Malick, Central River Region.

The ability of the police to respond quickly is virtually non-existent. Police lack training, equipment, and resources [radios, vehicles].

The vast majority of police are not armed. The force is a reactionary force and cannot maintain large-scale or long-term proactive operations.

Sam Phatey for gambia.smbcgo

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