“Candle of hope” to Promote Back Way Solutions

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The Global Hands Organisation and its partners have recently initiated what they call a “candle of hope social media campaign” to promote Back Way solutions.

Following the massive killing of hundreds of thousands of people from sub-Saharan Africa, most especially the young on this perilous journey to Europe, via Libya; the journey is reported to be overtaken by “slave trade”. Facts on reports have shown that migrants are now being sold as slaves at open markets in Libya for a price of 200-500 Dollars. The world is made to understand that they sold according to their abilities and capabilities.

This brilliant initiative of a campaign brought by Global Hands and its partners with a keen interest to raise awareness on Backway and to provoke consciousness that leads to action, as many young people are unnecessarily losing their lives on this journey to enter Europe in search of greener pasture, is meant to discourage people on irregular migration.

The aim of Global Hands and its partners was to provide solutions in identifying options to save the lives of so many people of this journey.

It’s prudent for other organisations to emulate Global Hands and its partner on transformative initiatives of this nature. As Africans, this is a challenge that everyone should take up as a solid responsible to ensure the abolishment of irregular migration.

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