Cannabis possession, the Senegalese denies and confesses, he was on his way to a funeral

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Sooner this matter will be dealt with, the diffrents elements unified by the tribunal seem to find his way to yhe truth on 22nd May.

In his defence testimony, Samba Juma Bah says he was going to a funeral at his village called Nyorro on the day of his arrest. ” When i arrived at the border; officers asked me to produce their documents and identify my luggages. “I came down without a bag because nothing was on me,” he said on Daily Observer columns
According to him, the officers saw a bag in the vehicle and alleged that he owns it but he told him that that he was going to a funeral and don’t need a bag for that. He said when they opened the bag and found cannabis in it; they said they suspected him to be the owner since he did not carry any bag when coming down from the car. “I was handcuffed and taken to Jarra Soma police station.” He said the officers even had argument among themselves at the station about the ownership of the bag.
Under cross-examination, Mr. Bah said he is aware of the seriousness in lying after swearing to the Holy Qur’an, saying he was coming from Cassamance where he work and going to Nyorro where he intended to spend the night and head back the following day. He said he could not remember the officers who conducted a search on him but disagreed that all the officers who testified were present during his arrest. Mr. Bah also maintained that the officers had argued on whether he owns the cannabis or not.

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