Case of 8-year-old Girl Raped: The “Maslaha” Syndrome Has to End Right Now

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The Office of the Vice President and Ministry of Women’s Affairs in collaboration with Women’s Bureau and the National Women’s Council and the Directorate of Social Welfare have issued a statement calling for an immediate and thorough investigation into the rape case in Lamin that involved the life of an 8-year-old young girl.

The statement demanded the breaking of the chains of silence to stop growing rape crime in communities. “We are appalled by the heart-breaking media news of the rape and demise of an 8-year-old girl last week in the West Coast Region.”
The partners stated that the life of this innocent and promising girl was cut short due to the brutal ordeal of rape. The ministry says it was at loss for words and imagination about the pain her parents, relatives, friends and even teachers must be going through after having placed such high hopes on this innocent child.
Rape is a crime, hence as a nation, we must speak up now against anyone suspected of molesting young girls and boys at all places by reporting the matter to the nearest police station.
The partners are now calling for a thorough police investigation into the case affecting this innocent 8-year-old girl in West Coast Region.
They said the call for an immediate police investigation is applicable to all others pending as well as future rape cases for prompt appropriate justice.

source DOGM

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