Clash Between Bakoteh Youth and Police Officers

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A clash ensued between the communities of Bakoteh and Manjai, and members of the Police Intervention Unit during the weekend over the long-standing issue of dumping at the Bakoteh dumpsite according to the Point.

The dispute started on Saturday when a group of youth from Bakoteh and Manjai protested against the dumping of collected waste and garbage from a cleansing exercise held at the municipality’s biggest market in Serekunda on Saturday. The chaos resulted in the prevention of more than 12 trucks, loaded with waste and garbage from being dumped at the Bakoteh dumpsite. The dumpsite is situated between the townships of Manjai, Bakoteh and DippaKunda.

Hon. Halifa Sallah, the National Assembly member of SereKunda, advised the youths to find peaceful resolution to the issue in a court of law than engage in violent acts by taking matters into their own hands. A presidential aspirant and leader of GDC, Mama Kandeh, echoed similar sentiments.

Rohey Njie, the spokesperson for the Bakoteh/Manjai community, said they will be willing to have a dialogue with the government if the latter is ready to listen to their demands. ‘’Our demands are for the Bakoteh dumpsite to be shut down and let them take care of the garbage that is already there. Why would we allow garbage to come?” she questioned.

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