Close Buddies, Political Financiers, and Colleagues appointed as Ambassadors -at- Large by Barrow

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President Adama Barrow has appointed his close buddies, political financiers, and colleagues as “Ambassadors At Large”. Some of the appointees are businessmen and women. One of them comes from the Real Estate, reported the Freedom Newspaper

The following people have been appointed Ambassadors at large by the rookie Gambian president.

  1. Fatou Ceesay, a UK, Forex dealer
  2. Saul Frazer, a Banjul Real Estate Mogul
  3. Muhammed Jagana, former president of the Gambia Chamber of Commerce
  4. Banta Njie, a Gambian Sarahule man married to Kinshasa Jawara, the daughter of businessman Basiru Jawara.
  5. Alikali Conteh, a UDP Diaspora surrogate.

Fatou Ceesay is engaged in Forex business in the United Kingdom. She donated some money to the opposition during the past elections. She was appointed Ambassador at large by Barrow.

Saul Frazer, is a Banjul native, turned Real Estate Developer. He owns Global properties. He is one of the few successful Real Estate Developers. He was in the industry with Barrow. The duo are close buddies.

Muhammed Jagana, is a Sarahule. He used to head the Chamber of Commerce. As you may know, the current president Barrow, had family ties with the Sarahule.

Jagana has the qualifications to serve as an Ambassador at large, but the manner his appointment was done is against the rule of conflict of interest.

Banta Njie, is another Sarahule, married to the daughter of Basiru Jawara. Banta’s wife Kinshasa Jawara, works at the ECOWAS Secretariat in Ghana. She used to work at the State House, prior to her deployment in Ghana with Edward Singhateh and co.

 Alkali Conteh, is a UDP surrogate. His appointment is a good one—given the sacrifice Mr. Conteh has done for the Gambia, and the UDP. But there is a problem with Barrow hiring people close to him in an important portfolio such as an Ambassador at large. There are more deserving Gambians to fill the positions

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