Corruption grips Gambians school

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More Developments about the Gambian School scandal.

This morning our children who were attending school at Bottrop have confirmed that their colleagues are writing protest note and pasting them all over the school Campus in a bid to notify the school what Martin Gomez is doing with some section of his teachers.

Some of the info they are said to have pasted information that they don’t need teachers with false documents, and drinkers who drink and go to class to teach. We were made to understand that sometime ago the school was a drinking ground for the Principal and some members of staff who are his close friends. And when he is drunken he does whatever he likes. He also does it openly in the school campus or his office during working hours.

In another development, Sulayman Sanneh, who died at the school during a night program, was said to have been stabbed several times with a broken bottle and knife before he died. According to our investigation from sources, Brikama Police and Magistrate Court, his killers were granted bail days before the Sulayman’s 40 days charity. The boys are understood to be walking free because the authorities might be stepping on the case. It’s illegal to organize programs for students at night in the school system. The police should recall the organizers’ for questioning to clear themselves.

Pa, you should call the boy’s parents and Brikama police station for clear information.

Meanwhile, Martin Gomez should resign because he allowed the Nigerian brother to remain in the teaching field in the Gambia as GTU President. The man, who had an affair with the current Grade 12 Student.

Pa, as we write, they will be making themselves innocent but all the two stories written are 99.99% correct. If all what I am writing is not correct, let them call you and give you clear info….. Then you can also talk to the family of Sulayman Sanneh, student at Bottrop etc. or for the readers they can call Sulayman’s to confirm the story. There is even a man called Mr. Opara, who was working at the Gambia College, and later at Bottrop. He was sacked verbally after one year some months into his contract. He still did not get his benefits…..

As most of the information we are getting are coming from students in the school….. who are really unhappy at the school….

In the next episode, we will tell you more about his fake teachers.

And just let the readers know that Bottrop was built by Germans and they continue to sponsor the School. Since its inception, they did all the infrastructure and government pay only salaries.

Thanks for now.

Contribution from  a Concerned citizen of Brikama.

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