Corruption: Officer Requests for D1, 000 to release the drug dealer

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The wife of a second accused person in a Cocaine trial last week told a Bundung Magistrates’ Court that when drug officers came for her husband at his residence, one of them had asked for D1, 000 that she saw in her bag to release her husband.

Testifying as first defence witness in the case before Magistrate Pa Modou Njie, Chioma Okoye said after giving the money to the officer, she gave her number to her and asked her to call her in the afternoon of the next day.
Her husband, Chukunwendu J. Okoye is charged alongside Prince Cuthbert on allegation of being found in possession of 200grams and 5grams of Cocaine at Bundung Borehole.
“When I called the officer the following day, she asked for another D5, 000. She said my husband has asked me to give her the said amount for his release. I told her that I was not having such amount, but I was going to try,” Chioma told the court.
She said she called one of her husband’s friends who provided the money and she later met with the officer at Bundung and gave it to her. “My husband was released on the third day and while rejoicing that, I mention the D5, 000 I gave to the officer and to my surprise, he said he never asked any officer about any money for his release.”

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