Crime Management Coordinator: “Ousman Sonko Has No Connection With Atrocities Committed”

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Ousman Sonko

The Assistant Commissioner of Police Baboucarr Sarr, who is the commanding officer of the Crime Management Coordinator (CMC), at The Gambia Police Forces (GPF), has disclosed that the erstwhile Minister of Interior Ousman Sonko, has no connection so far with the matters that they are investigating and that there was no evidence linking him to those issues reported the daily observer.

Responding to questions by journalists during a press conference at the Police Headquarters in Banjul, as to what efforts the police are doing in extraditing the ex-minister of The Interior who is believed to have had his hand in most of the atrocities committed during the former regime. The CMC Coordinator Baboucarr Sarr, further stated that: “Well you are asking me a difficult question because we don’t get the evidence connecting Ousman Sonko to this allegation that we are investigating. Ousman Sonko was the minister of Interior and so far we don’t have any involvement of The Interior Ministry on this situation unless as time goes, we have that development, we will request for him”.
“But as of now, we have no evidences connecting him to this atrocity been committed so far. Am not saying he did not, but to our level as of now we don’t have any evidence on him,” he said of Ousman Sonko who is currently detained in Switzerland
Asked again about what efforts they were doing to extradite junglers such as Sanna Manjang, who went on exile to face justice; CMC Coordinator Sarr, said that they are working with The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) because they were soldiers who were active members of GAF.

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