Debt: GRA is not disclosing how much Yahya Jammeh owes them in unpaid taxes

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The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) is not disclosing how much former president Yahya Jammeh owes them in unpaid taxes.

“At least not yet,” said Deputy Commissioner General Essa Jallow. In an interview with What’s On-Gambia in his office in Banjul, he revealed that the law prevents them from releasing such information to the public.

However, Mr. Jallow said if given the green light by the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, they would disclose the total amount of money Jammeh’s businesses like Kanilia Group International owes GRA.

The former president’s taxes have become a hot-button political issue since his election defeat in December.

Political appointees in GRA

The Deputy Commissioner-General has rubbished rumors that majority of the staff at GRA were handpicked by the former president.

According to him, he was appointed to head the Domestic Income Tax Unit after going through a rigorous interview.

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