Electricity Problems : NAWEC accuses Government Parastatals, Chartered Accountant denies

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The inconsistency of electricity supply has currently reached an alarming rate thus the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) has blamed Government Departments; Area Councils, Public Institutions, among other institutions that are using their services without paying their bills.

He disclosed that some Government Parastatals still owes NAWEC millions of Dalasis, which he said, is enough to buy at least three brand new machines to solve the current situation his institution is facing.
In a Daily Observer interview, PRO Pierre Silver said that this is their biggest problem. He, therefore, called on the current government to come to their aid and provide them with subventions, negotiate for more projects as well as try to see how best the debtors could settle the money for the interest of national development. Otherwise, he said, they would end up going to banks for loans, which according to him, is definitely unacceptable.
His words: “The rumor nowadays is very high in the country, as it has come to a point when people are saying that we are being inconsistent just to sabotage the new government whiles others saying that the former government was paying NAWEC a lot of money to help with our operations. All these are rumors because NAWEC is a semi-autonomous institution and we don’t depend on the government to give us subvention and we are not here to sabotage the government as well. If we are to do that it will mean we are not patriotic citizens”.
He affirmed that they generate income from the bills customers pay from which 75% is used for maintenance and buying fuel for their operations and the fluctuation of fuel price in the world market is also affecting them too. Silver added that it is from the same money they pay their staff salaries.
Whiles hoping for the current government to come to their aid, he seized the opportunity to commend them for working on the current setbacks in the country.

Chartered Accountant talks about Calculated Drive to Fool Gov’t  

According to him, this is a false and calculated drive to fool the Government of President His Excellency, Adama Barrow, the Coalition and The Gambian populace in general.
“What is preventing NAWEC from forming a strategic team or better still NAWEC’s Board of Directors and Management to go and meet President Barrow and explain their constrains. Why they cannot supply electricity like they used to do for Mr. Jammeh than blaming the parastatals?”
“NAWEC should as a matter of urgency go to President Barrow and brief him about what they did under Jammeh and are not doing now and that has resulted in their inability to supply electricity and water as they used to. It will also be better for them to go first or wait for President Barrow to start asking questions about electricity and water.”
“I want to ask anyone who ever owes NAWEC any Butut how they approach you? “On a personal level, I was on a trek and my water was disconnected in a second home in Sinchu Alaghie for just D567.18 being my bill and I ended up paying D767.18 and lot of credit to get my water back! On a corporate note I have directly dealt with NAWEC in my capacity then as Financial Controller of Ocean BAY Hotel and Resort between 2013 and 2016 and I was disconnected repeatedly each month for late payment of NAWEC bills on average GMD1.25M every month taking into account tourist season months on the high consumption and off season months on low electricity consumption.”
Mr. Camara said that no one goes to sleep with NAWEC’s money and continue to enjoy water and electricity. According to him, they would always send their Disconnection Squad and gets NAWEC’s mandate enforced. “It will be very sad for NAWEC to come in the open and accuse peace loving and payment dedicated Gambians for their own inefficiencies and lapses coupled with the political worshipping of personalities,” he stated.


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