Exclusive Interview With Reminisce by Ro Founder, Rohey Adewale

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In our Young Innovative Gambian rubric, Sunugambia.com meets with Rohey better known as Reminisce by Ro, she’s the founder of the popularly known cosmectic products brand. Originally gambian, Rohey lives in Michigan in the United States. Fan of make-up since her early age, she managed to create her own cosmetic line making her dreams come true. Her mission is to make women feel comfortable and be confident in their own skin. Rohey has an inspiring story to share. Learn more about her insights and the humble beginnings of Reminisce by Ro on Sunugambia’s exclusive interview.

1- Who is Rohey and what sparked your interest into cosmetic and make up products?

I’m Rohey Adewale, I was born in Gambia & partially raised in America. I moved to the United States at the age of 13 to further my education as well as pursue my dream. I started studying nursing couple years into it I shifted to Business management. I always wanted to own a business in Gambia but after years of researching & experimenting I know exactly what I wanted to do.
I have always loved makeup, for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I always took pleasure in watching my older sister get creative with makeup. Whenever my mom went out, I would sneak in her room just to try out the newest lipstick she added on her makeup collection. I knew very well that I would be in trouble if I got caught doing that but, I loved it enough to take that risk.

2- How Did Reminisce by Ro Started And What Motivated  You To Create Your Own Product Line In Spite Of The Huge  Selection Of Cosmetics In The Market?

Like almost everyone that is into makeup, I used to spend a lot of my money on big makeup brands. There’s a problem there that we rarely pay attention to the quality of the products because the brands are well known and neither do we reflect on the prices we are paying for. I had this incredible idea of creating my own makeup brand. A brand that represents quality & affordability because I believe beauty should be safe and affordable for everyone.
My brand is focused on enhancing beauty because as it is, we are all beautiful in our own ways.

3- Why “Reminisce” What does it mean to you?

I came up with the name Reminisce by actually researching if there were other Cosmetic companies name Reminisce and it also means remembering enjoyable moments in the past and also think it’s unique I then went ahead & choose Reminisce.

4- Can You Share With Us Some Of The Things That You Take Into Consideration When Creating a New Products?

When I create a product the first thing I ask myself is if I were to see this product on a shelf will it be worth buying. Before I publish my work I use my product several times to see if I may need to improve anything. I also get my customers involved by Snap chatting my newest products and I get amazing feedbacks from them.

5- How is your work received locally?

I ship my products worldwide. I have an online store that can be accessed no matter where you are in the world. The website is very easy to navigate.

6- Outside The Business, What Is An Ordinary Day For You Like?

My schedule is very busy and it can be hectic at times. My mother always reminded me that nothing good never comes easy but with consistency and patience you can accomplish anything you put your mind into. I recently took a rule of managing an Artist which takes a lot of work but it’s fun rewarding. I’m contently working on projects for my artist or am working on Reminisce by Ro.

7- Who are your personal beauty idols in Gambia and Outside?

I wouldn’t say I have a particular beauty idol or idols but I’m inspired by a lot of upcoming makeup artist and even the ones that been in the game for a while. I just automatically feel a connection with anyone that’s in the beauty industry because we all have a beautiful thing in common, our love for creation & beauty.

9- Is Rohey Married, Engaged or Single ?

Well Rohey is happily in a relationship with the most amazing guy a lady can ask for. He’s not just a partner but a soulmate. He’s very supportive in the things I do and I can’t ask for more.

10- Will There Be New Product Launches From Reminisce by Ro That We Should Look Forward To?

These will always be new products launching from Reminisce by Ro. You have to keep up with the brand to see what’s trending with is Ana what’s new products we have in stock.

11- Lastly, Is There Any Beauty Or Wellness Advice That You Want To Share With Our Readers?

Being a woman in a man’s world is one of the hardest tasks as we all know, I know women who battle everyday with the unrealistic expectations of society. We need to be strong, we need to be pretty, we need to be in shape, we need to do a million of things whilst keeping our smile- so many expectations- So I created my brand in the pillar of Women’s Empowerment Reminisce by Ro is here to give every woman the confidence they need to shine like the jewels we are but also to encourage women to accept their flaws because- BEAUTY DOESN’T EXIST WITHOUT FLAWS.

– Your last word about SunuGambia.com

Thank you SunuGambia.com for creating such an amazing platform for individuals like myself and others that are working extremely hard to add positivity in The Gambian community. Support is all we need and if we come together as one we are unstoppable.Thank you SunuGambia.com for creating such an amazing platform for individuals like myself and others that are working extremely hard to add positivity in The Gambian community. Support is all we need and if we come together as one we are unstoppable.

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