F.J.T. Meets Africa Human Right Envoys

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The overseer, vice president and minister of Women’s Affairs, Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang Wednesday received in audience, envoys from the African Commission for Human and Peoples’ Rights at her office, at State House.

Commissioner Essie King, responsible for promotion of Human Rights in The Gambia and Reine Alapini Ganson, commissioner for Human and Rights Development were at the presidency to engage state machineries on the promotion of human and peoples’ rights

Madam Essie King said that the African Commission was at State House on a promotion mission, noting that they were in the country to engage the government on human and peoples’ rights as enshrined in the African Charter. She pointed out that they were not only engaging ministries, departments and agencies, but also non-state actors.

The human rights promoter, however, acknowledged that they had a very fruitful meeting with the Women’s Affairs minister and also in-charge of the vice presidency, discussing fruitful deliberation on human and peoples’ rights, especially the challenges that are still outstanding, with the efforts and plans of government to promote human rights in The Gambia.

Madam Ganson, the human rights developer, said the African Commission was there to help as technical organ, even though she acknowledged the headquarter being right here in The Gambia. “The mandate of the commission is to promote and protect human rights,” she said, adding that they are here to help in all ways possible.

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