Fabakary Tombong Jatta, claims that Aprc militants are facing lots of arrest and harassment

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The former majority leader of the APRC, and the party’s Chairman Fabakary Tombong Jatta, has claimed that his party militants were facing lots of arrest and harassment in this New Gambia.

He was speaking on Tuesday at a press conference held at his compound, in Talinding. The press conference was organised by the APRC party’s executive and supporters.

He said since the inception of this new government, his party continues to face lot of challenges in their communities for showing their loyalty to their party.

It is said that about 52 APRC supporters were arrested at Kanfenda, with similar arrests equally made at Sibanor and elsewhere in the country.

“And in Banjulinding where our people having their meeting, police dispatched them, and the country belongs to all us and the law is for everyone,“ he said.

He made it clear that the APRC party is legally and constitutionally registered and is the biggest party and is here to gain its glory and, saying nothing could stop it.

Talking on the recent concluded National Assembly elections, Jatta said there was a lot of irregularities during the voting process. He explained that during the voting day, he saw a man in a pick -up with Public Address System (PA system) calling people to go out to vote for UDP candidate in Bunding. He also argued that the president’s nationwide tour also played a great impact on the elections.

He thanked APRC supporters for their continued support and loyalty.

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