Fatou Camara returns home after 3 years of exile in Usa

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Fatou Camara also known as Fatou Show will be soon back at home after three long years of stay in uncle Sam’s country. The former Fatu Show presenter, who once worked as Press Secretary for former President Yahya Jammeh, might likely receive a hero’s welcome from her fans in the country. She is supposed to arrive on march 29th.

According to Whatson Gambia, she is the most followed Gambian journalist on social media and her online radio played a significant role in bringing an end to Jammeh’s 22-year-old regime.

“Fatou is coming home. Everything is set for her return,” said a source who claims to be close to the US-based journalist. Another source added: “I heard they are already mobilizing people to offer her a hero’s welcome at the airport.”

Fatou fled the country to the USA after she was charged with trying to tarnish the image of the former president. According to her, it was a set up.

In an interview with BBC, she said her fall out with Jammeh was orchestrated by a group of people who were really jealous of her closeness to her former boss.

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