Femi Peters Is Gambia’s New Ambassador To UK

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Mr. Femi Peters has been appointed the new Ambassador to United Kingdom (UK) confirmed Freedomnewspaper.com. Femi Peters was born in 1946 at Bathurs. He is a politician and former campaign director of the United Democratic Party (UDP).

Peters joined the legislative elections in 1987 as a candidate of the Gambian People ‘s Party (GPP), but was beaten by opposition candidate Ebrima AB (“Presseh”) N’Jie of the Progressive People’ s Party (PPP) and Kebba W Foon of the United Party (UP). As a UDP candidate in January 2008 in the local elections in the Gambia, Peters intensified in the election, he was defeated by Samba Faal, the candidate of the Patriotic Alliance for the Reorientation and Construction (APRC), which was Elected mayor of Banjul.

During a peaceful demonstration on 25 October 2009 in Serekunda Peters was arrested and was sentenced on 1 April 2010 to one year ‘s imprisonment and a fine. He was accused of having “organized a demonstration and the use of loudspeakers in public without official authorization”.  Amnesty International has requested the release of Pierre, to whom she as a political prisoner had filed. In the opinion of the AI Peters’s trial, which corresponds by Ousainou Darboe was defended, not a fair trial and was based primarily on the testimony of four senior police officers as witnesses.

In December 2010,  Amnesty International welcomes the early release of prisoners of conscience Femi Peters from police custody. The campaign director of the Gambian opposition party “United Democratic Party” (UDP) was arrested and 25 October 2009 during a peaceful demonstration eventually sentenced to one year in prison.

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