Fighting between APRC And UDP supporters in Foni post-Election violence hits Gambia

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Post-election violence has marred Gambia’s Thursday Legislative elections. A serious clash occurred in Foni, between the supporters of the APRC and the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP). Some people have sustained injuries during the bloody clash. This followed a victory celebrations spearheaded by the APRC supporters in the Fonis. As you may know,…

The violence started in Sibanor, where the APRC supporters clashed with the UDP followers. A contingent of police intervention personnel just arrived in Sibanor, and its surrounding villages to help restore calm. The village is very chaotic at this hour, as the PIU officers are making frantic efforts to broker peace between the two hostile political camps.

A source, who reached us said some of the injured party militants have been hospitalized. The source said the political violence is escalating.

“I do not know what is motivating the APRC supporters, but they are very fearless. Despite Jammeh’s absence from the country, they are the least afraid. They are on the offensive,” said a security source.

Another source writing to us said: “ Well right now in Sibanor, a section of the APRC supporters, are celebrating their victory, and in the process of going around harassing non Jollas, who are supporting other candidates. They are saying that they want to fight and kill someone. That no one will go to the mosque today and worship. The tension is very high there and the PIU have been deployed.”

In another development, fighting has broken out in the region of Diabugu Bapata. Diabugu, is situated in Sandu District, in the Upper River Region of The Gambia, Local villagers are having a go at each other. The PIU, has been deployed in the area to maintain peace.

“This country is in a state of turmoil. Our biggest concern is Talinding. If Talinding plunges into crisis, it might escalate nationwide. Our team is keenly monitoring the locality,” said a security source.

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