First Trends in Senegal’s Parliamentary Elections

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After a campaign scarred by violence, voters in Senegal have gone to the polls in legislative elections. The parliamentary vote is seen as a test run for President Macky Sall ahead of the 2019 presidential poll.

Public broadcaster RTS, citing official sources, said turnout for the poll was 54 percent. The first results are due early Monday. The elections are to select 165 lawmakers for parliament. Over 6.2 million people were registered to vote in the election and there were a record 47 lists of candidates in the running, meaning 47 types of ballot paper needed to be available at polling stations. 

The first trends emerged yesterday in the evening at the end of the counts. At midnight, the projections gave about 48 percent to Benno Bokk Yaakaar, 24% to Mankoo Taxawu Senegaal and 20 percent to the Coalition Gagnante Wattù Senegaal. The PUR and Kaddu Askan Wi end the list. 

So Benno Bokk Yaakaar could end up with 26 MPs on the proportional and near 85 MPs on the departmental, according to the statisticians of the Rfm Radio heard by SunuGambia. Altogether, this should make a number of MPs turning around 110 or 115 members in total.

Mankoo Taxawu Senegaal could glean 16 members on proportional representation. And if they win in Dakar, where the battle is very tight for the 7 seats, the coalition led by Khalifa Sall could end up with 23 members.

The Coalition Gagnante Wattù Senegaal and Mr. Wade, on the proportional list, should have 13 members, according still to the statisticians of the Rfm. And if the said coalition wins in Touba, Kolda and Sédhiou, its quota could move up to approximately 16 members.

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