After Floods, Kuntaur Faces Water Crisis

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After the recent floods, residents of Kuntaur Fula Kunda are facing serious water scarcity. Inhabitants raise the alarm and increase awareness about the situation.

Talking on behalf of the villagers, Alhagi Jaiteh the youth leader of the village  have lamented the extreme hardship they encounter daily in getting water for their domestic consumption as the village frequently runs out of water. 

Speaking in the Standard’s column, Mr Jaiteh said there is only one hand pump in the locality, the other three are either in bad conditions or out of use and the consequence of this is disastrous for the community. He added that many students are dropping out of school especially girls because they are frequently tasked to fetch water for their households by travelling around the community for possible sources. Girls and women have to wake up as early as 5 o’clock in the morning to trek long distances in search of water for sustenance.

The recent floods in the community seem to have worsen the situation as the community is now relying on the hand pumps at the lower and upper basic schools, thus creating an uncomfortable environment for the pupils and students.

Any person or organisation wishing to assist the village could reach them through the following numbers: (+220) 6338546/3169668.


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