Foni Chiefs Appeal for Forgiveness and to put Aside Political Affiliation for Peace’s Sake

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The chiefs of Foni Kansala, Berefet, Bintang, Bondali and Jarrol Districts of West Coast Region (WCR) has appealed to the people of Foni especially the people of Kansala District to accept the change of government which was destined by Allah the Almighty.

The chiefs namely; in particular Biran Camara, Junkung Camara, Alfusainey Jarjue, Ebou Colley and Kutubo Sanyang made this appealed during the National Council for Civic Education’s (NCCE) first phase of the National Dialogue on Peace and Reconciliation meeting held at Bwiam recently according to report published by Daily Observer. 

“Governments come and go, so also President Adama Barrow’s government will one day go and pave way for another government to steer the affairs of the country for good,” Foni chiefs told the people of Foni.

They urge, in particular, oni Kansala District to appreciate the leadership of President Barrow and his government, adding that President Barrow’s Government have no bad intention for the people of Foni more especially those in Kansala District.

“President Adama Barrow and his government don’t have any ill-attitude against the people of Foni nor do they hate them and we should know that Gambia is bigger than all of us,” the Chiefs stated.

The chiefs informed the people of Foni that everything has an end and that the government of former President Yahya Jammeh ends, thus the present government of President Adama Barrow would also come to end one day.

They also made an open appeal to the Foni natives to forgive each other and put aside their political affiliation for the sake of peace in Foni and the country in general.


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