Former APRC lawmaker on tour with Darboe

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Suku Singhateh

A former parliamentarian for the APRC party, Suku Singhateh is on tour with UDP leader, Ousainou Darboe, party sources confirmed.

Singhateh is among seven lawmakers that were backed by the APRC is the Gambia’s last parliamentary elections that have switched allegiance to the UDP party. APRC leader, Yahya Jammeh was defeated in the December election and fled to Equatorial Guinea after his refusal to cede power sparked a standoff.

His party has since suffered a high attrition, lost its political bureau and stands accused of supporting the autocratic ruler’s ruthless crushing of dissenting voices.

The APRC has not put up any candidate in the Gambia’s Badibu and Niumi regions. Whiles the UDP is poised to win many of the seats in the Gambia’s North Bank, the opposition GDC has done well in Niumi, during the presidential polls.

Several independent candidates have emerged in the region, with most of them being strong supporters of the APRC. APRC denies that the support for its party is diminishing. It is accusing the coalition government, led by President Adama Barrow of a witch-hunt.

Barrow is a member of the UDP party and his Foreign Minister, Ousainou Darboe, is the party leader. A crackdown on the UDP in April last year increased the discontent of Gambians towards Jammeh. At least two of its supporters died in custody and tens were tortured and denied medical care.

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