Former President Jammeh Steals GRTS Equipment, Leaves Camera Crew Stranded In Conakry

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Sankung Fatty a cameraman with the state TV assigned to the state house and three others are currently detained by Senegalese security agents in the border town of Karang.

The four are part of the delegation that traveled with former President, Yahya Jammeh and his family on January 21, 2016 after he was asked to leave the country. This came after Jammeh’s refusal to handover the mantle of leadership to President Adama Barrow who the Gambian people voted into office.

Sankung Fatty, Ebou Njie Taru, a photographer, Balago, a military driver and Amadou Jammeh ‘Pajero’ a military officer were both stopped in Conakry where Jammeh’s flight transited before it took off to Equitorial Guinea where he currently lives in exile.

According to sources, Jammeh took off with Sankung’s video camera and Ebou Njie Taru’s photographic camera which all belongs to the state, gave them $100 dollars each and took off with his family leaving them in the cold in Guinea Conakry.

After a few days, the four tried to travel to Dakar en route to Banjul. Upon arrival at the border town of Karang, they were detained and are currently undergoing questioning. “Jammeh tricked them, they had no intention to travel with him but he took them along just to take their equipment from them” a source told The Fatu Network.

The source disclosed that Fatty and Njie travel with the former president without their passports, this the source said is because they had no idea that he was going to take them with him.

Meanwhile, Jammeh is said to have given this assassin team, ‘The Junglers’ two hundred thousand dalasis (almost $5,000) to share and promised them that he will send them more money the following monday. The ‘Junglers’ are said to have waited but they never heard from Jammeh again. They are all said to have fled the country to avoid prosecution.

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