Former WAIS student as 3rd wife for Modou Barrow

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Modou Barrow's 3rd wife

The UK-based Gambian footballer Modou Barrow has just married a 3rd wife.

What’s On-Gambia has recently revealed that he took a third wife making him the country’s most famous young polygamist.

“His new wife is Saffie Mbye. I heard she was in the UK not long ago to spend time with him,” said a source of them.  According to the source, Saffie is a former student of West African International School (WAIS) and lives in Pipeline.

The beginning of their romance was shrouded in great secrecy. There was a lot of controversies and there are still plenty of unanswered questions.

What’s On-Gambia was unable to confirm whether Barrow has divorced his other wives. One of them he married shortly after making his English Premier League debut. 

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